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Circuitry updates

July 17, 2003 00:13

The RC car's transmitter is now powered with a 9V voltage regulator instead of a battery. This means that I won't have to purchase obscene numbers of 9V batteries in the future. I still have to get it soldered to the RC car relay board instead of the breadboard I have it on now, but that's a minor change that I can fuss with later. I still need to get the other parallel port interfaces soldered into a nice, neat enclosure instead of more breadboarding, and get the wires off the floor. Can't vacuum until the wires are mounted on the walls. I need to vacuum. No, really.

The audio amp that I'm using for the mic on the listen live for the office will also get a regulated 9V instead of the straight from wallwart that is feeding it now. That should get rid of the annoying 60hz hum you hear when listening. I'm planning to consolodate the power supplies to power all the relays, audio amp, and cam rotor from a single 12V power supply instead of the three wallwarts I have in use now. Wallwarts take up a lot of power strip space, meaning I need more power strips. Which means, I need more outlets, and we all know what they say about adding too many outlets to a single circuit..... yeah.

My phone interface will hopefully get some improvements. I scavenged a 1/8" phone plug (no pun intended.. yes, I know, that wasn't even funny) from a modem board. I'm talking about the audio plug, not the phone line plug. Yes, I know it's confusing if you don't know what I'm talking about. Just think of the thing you plug your headphones into. Yeah. That. Ok, I'll continue. Got one of those on the phone interface board now. The objective is to plug the mic input into that socket and have a switch on the board to swap between the mic input and the phone input. That would save me the trouble of swapping the cables at the soundcard plugs on the back of the computer when I'm in desparate need to get the phone conversation live on the air. These things are important.

If I get the new server in place, I might change the streaming source to use that computer instead of doing it through winamp. This way the sound card would always stream only the phone. I'll probably use the onboard sound for this as it won't be doing anything else and I have a secondary soundcard in there for the actual audio use of the server. I'll see what happens here.