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And if you'll look to your left...

June 23, 2003 17:47

It is officially a small world. Gertie, the wonderful woman that I'm currently dating, first saw me 10 years ago, although neither she nor I was aware of it at the time. Here is the story.

Way back when in the summer of 93, I was still living with my parents. This means, among other things, that despite having a day job, I still had an extraordinary amount of free time on my hands. So I, along with a friend of mine, decided that the best way to spend this time was at Six Flags. This is a large amusement park, for those who aren't aware. Anyway, we visited the park over 20 times that summer. Sometimes two or three times a week. Needless to say, things started getting a bit boring after a while. The rides lose their thrill and we sought out new and interesting ways to amuse ourselves. We would sneak through all the "off limits" areas of the park, smuggle camcorders onto the rides and videotape them, and other fun stuff. And to top off the end of a productive evening, we would don our other hats and become the Six Flags tram racing team.

Don't worry, I'll explain. The parking lot spanned about half a mile from the entrance to the park to the furthest spot. Needless to say, some people didn't want to walk that distance, depsite the fact they've already walked several miles while at the park, but I digress. They had several trams that would ferry people from the entrance to the edge of the lot, and back. Whatever compelled us to first race the trams, I will never know. But it became somewhat of an obsession. Of course, it really wasn't much of a race. They never moved that fast, and they constantly stopped to let off people, but that didn't matter. It was fun, and somewhat amusing to the people riding. We'd run all the way out to the end of the lot, then jump on the tram and take it back to the front and do it all over again. On rare occasions, someone would jump off and run with us.

And Gertie was one of those passengers once. Didn't recall much, only that there was a redheaded guy running. In fact, she didn't even recall it when I told her about my tramracing experiences one day. But mentioning she was going to Six Flags to her sister, she mentioned to say hi to the tramracers, at which point she instantly assumed that she and I were talking behind her back. Of course, after a brief explaination, it all came back to her.

So once, long long ago, for a few moments, she and I were practically within arms reach of each other. Of course, at the time, "they can't be serious!" was her predominant opinion of my activites, but hey, it's nice to think that our paths crossed once before, if even in such a bizzare way. :)