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June 11, 2003 12:27

I've added a fan to the growing list of controllable appliances. It's currently not visible from any cam other than the RC Car. I have it located in the fron thallway, but I'm probably going to move it. It has to be in a position with good airflow and somewhere that the car can't knock it over. I'm thinking maybe in the den on the hearth. I'll also add ribbons or streamers or something so you can see when it's on. I also need a different icon, preferably one that represents both on and off, something in the 32x32 pixel range, although a few pixels in either direction is acceptable. So if anyone can find an appropriate icon or wants to create one, I'm interested.

I'm working on a method for people to submit their own entries for the visitors page, and I might redo those pages to separate the guys from the gals, and combine the manifest/visitors pages for that purpose. I'm also intending to list the pictures in order of the most recent site visitor first, so those that haven't been around for months get pushed further down the list.

And for those who have been around awhile, you might appreciate this fan art depicting some of the regulars. Thanks Modok. :)