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A Life of Crap

May 01, 2003 01:44

Someone care to explain to me what this is supposed to mean:

Hey, got your attention, huh? Want my advice? Website is cool, but don't endanger your private life. I t isn't worth it--especially if you have family.... Your website is most cool, and I'm deleting it from my regular contacts....was ecommended to me by a friend, but don't think so. You're brilliant--don't set yourself up for a life of crap....

Someone sent me that message. I attempted to reply, but he/she ran off. So somebody with the typical 5 minute or less examination of the site has drawn this conclusion. Evidence and explaination is lacking. So to counter this dim view of reality, here are a few advantages to running the site that the message author failed to point out.

1. My current girlfriend, I met because of the website.

2. My current job, I obtained because of the website.

3. I have had tons of POSITIVE TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and word of mouth coverage. All because of the site.

4. Despite international coverage, my life has failed to be endangered in any way.

5. My life is exactly as private as I want it to be.

The only way my life would turn into "crap" is if I let it go to my head. I haven't, and I won't. The fame was fun, but it has mostly fizzled. This was expected, and I remained modest throughout all of it because I knew it wasn't going to last forever. This is why I didn't try to profit from it. Why I didn't seek the fame. And why I didn't try to keep the momentum going any longer than it was naturally going to. I was able to maintain some degree of sanity as a result. I'm pretty happy with my life the way it's turned out, both with regards to the site and otherwise. Sure, not everything is perfect, but it's a far cry from a life of crap.