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New Features

March 03, 2003 23:40

I've made a few cosmetic changes. Instead of icons, the cams are now live views from the cams, and if you hover the mouse over one of them, they will update. I'll probably add an option to update all of them at once, but that can wait. I also added a map option. If you select the map, then hover the mouse over the map, it will show you the cam image from the room the mouse hovers over. The map is still somewhat crude, and I'm still working on adding more furniture, doors, windows, etc, but you get the basic idea of what my house looks like. I'll add some labels to the map sometime to show which room is what, or at least add another legend map to show that, since on 320x240, there's not a whole lot of room for excess labels.

The HD is even worse now than it was before. At this point, I've officially given up. I'm going to copy what little remains off the other partition and just nuke it completely. I might try a reformat and see if it functions ok afterwards, but I don't plan to actually trust it again for anything important.