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Googlesnacks Explained

February 04, 2003 10:52

For those that look at the average googlesnack list and wonder why the sudden obsession with 14 year old girls and thongs, a little explaination may be in order. Anytime a website links to me, and someone clicks on that link, it makes an entry in my logfile. Part of that entry is the full URL of the webpage that has my link. I usually use this to see what people out there are saying about my site. Its (usually) good for my ego. :) Now, on google, a popular search engine if you didn't know, when you enter a search term, it returns a bunch of links to pages. Go there now and search for something, like silly things. You'll get a page with a bunch of links to sites on it. If you look at the URL of this page, you see that the words "silly things" appear in the URL of the page you're currently on. If one of the links on this page was for my site, that URL will show up in my logs, so I know what people were searching for when they found my site.

Now, normally, when I get a hit from google, the search makes sense. They're searching for the site itself "Drive me insane", or something about insanity, or webcams, or rc cars, or the names of some of the people on my site. All of those searches make perfect sense. However, every so often, someone is searching for something strange and it still returns a link to my site. That strange search is what I call a googlesnack. And I list some of them here for your enjoyment.