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Car is functional

January 16, 2003 00:11

Finally got the transmitter and the car is now fully functional. There are still problems though. There are "dead zones" in the house where the car's video works fine, but it can't get the signal to control the car. I've got a few ideas to solve this problem. I can try to boost the signal. I can move the transmitter to another location in the house that might get a better reception. I might also take the other transmitter and wire it up as well, and place it on a computer on the opposite end of the house, hoping that at least one of the transmitters will work.

The video transmitter also seems to mess up every so often, a reset solves it. This might be due to low power in the battery since it was completely drained when I got home today and I only charged it for a little while. If this doesn't solve the problem, I'll try different frequencies. Otherwise I'll build a circuit to reset it every so often.

Right now, the plan is to keep it offline at night and let it get a good 6 hour recharge, then run it run all day. It should run 21 hours, although the car will drain it somewhat. I will eventually buy a second battery so they can be swapped out every 12 hours, and some infrared LED's so I can have an array of lights to act as headlights in the dark. Infrared lights work great. :)