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December 09, 2002 14:54

As I'm sure you can see, I've gotten some of the lawn ornaments set up on the front lawn. I may or may not add some more. In any event, I'll need to get more extension cords and another power strip first. They show up pretty nicely during the day, although the light is pretty strong at night and the excessive glare makes it difficult to tell what it looks like. As with the other external lights, they won't operate between midnight and 6 am.

I'm trying to move the office cam to another computer. Keeping it on that windows box is going to drive me nuts. I've got two options. Either to install it on the other windows box that is within reach or to get some extension cords for the rca cable and power and connect it to my linux server instead. However, if I end up doing that, I'll need to do some more tweaking with the video settings. The bttv cam in the living room has some annoying edges on the image I would prefer to get rid of first. I will also take the opportunity to install a new network card in the primary server and a new soundcard. However, this will entail some downtime for the primary server which controls pretty damn well everything. At some point I might need to consider having one of my other linux boxes function as a mirror, although with the primary filesystem down, I'm not sure how much this would help. I'll just get it back up quickly. :)

I've modded the camserv program to allow for dynamic captions controllable by people other than myself, or at least myself from a remote location. Once all the cams are converted I'll be able to send a message to all cameras at once, and in the future maybe even specific replies to a single address only, so others don't have to wonder about a message they don't have the full context on.