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Publicity and other stuff

October 09, 2002 11:34

First of all, props to Star 102 for calling me this morning and featuring my site live on the air. I missed the call at first since I was still in bed, and they stopped ringing by the time I made it to the phone, but I saw it was a radio station, so I called them back from the caller ID number, and was surprised to actually catch the dj, I would have assumed a producer would answer instead, but I caught him 10 seconds before they went back on the air, so everything worked out cool. :)

On a more serious note, yesterday someone messaged me offering assistance on my site layout. Now, while my pride isn't so great as to refuse free help, (most of the icons on my site were provided by fans), I do take a somewhat adverse position when someone's first opinion of a project I've spent 4 years working on is that "it sucks." If you want to help me, that's the WORST way to do it. A lot of people tell me that the site sucks, I suck, etc etc. But those people are just losers and I happily write them off as such. When someone approaches me in a professional manner (or not so) and attempts to sell me on something by insulting me, I wonder how they stay employed.

Of course, ego sometimes goes with the job. Some people simply aren't humble, and the only way they know how to approach someone is to treat them like they're inferior, and I suppose some people are insecure enough that this tactic might actually work. However, when you do so, you better damn well know what you're talking about. This moron made random assumptions about my page code, without realizing that the javascript code on my page was dynamic, and therefore couldn't be stored in separate files. He assumed the entire page reloaded everytime a button was pressed, when in fact, only the hidden frame was. In spite of that, he still insisted the whole page was reloading, but claimed it might have been his misconfigured browser.

This is a guy that's supposed to be an "expert" in web design. He better be if he has the gall to tell someone that their layout and coding tactics "suck". Yet he makes cookiecutter sugguestions wihtout really knowing what he's talking about. He made some reasonably useful recomendations about the current layout of some of my links, but since the page design keeps changing as I add things, I chalk up those things as non-priority issues.

But now for his crowning sugguestion. The one that made me burst out laughing, was his recommendation that I should offer email to my viewers and recommended a site that funds "free" email addresses with my domain by spamming people. Of course, when I refer to the idea as free spam, his only retort is that I don't have to be so sarcastic. Very very true, but sarcastic. Ok then.

So this so called professional webdesigner thinks that spam is a viable promotional technique, tests websites with misconfigured browsers, is incapable of reading website code to determine what it REALLY does as some of what he suggested were things my site already does. And of course, the "professional" way that he offered assistance by telling me that my efforts suck. Its a good thing that he offered his services for free, as they certainly aren't worth anything.