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No Xmas Lights

October 06, 2002 16:42

Don't worry, I'll replace them shortly, but for now they've been taken down. I'm not sure why exactly, but every single bulb in the strand burned out, probably all at once. If I had to guess, I'd assume that enough of the bulbs burned out which caused too much voltage to go throught the remaining ones, and that resulted in the whole strand going dead. I'll replace it in a few days.

The traffic has died down for a few days, however there are at least two big events still coming up which are likely to put the traffic back to where it was for most of the last month. The first on the 10th, the New York Times is running a piece on my site in their tech section. I'll post details on it when the article runs. It will be available in both the print and online versions of the paper. The second event will be when TechTV sends out a camera crew and reporter to get a close up look at my house and the insane environment that I live in. Of course, both of these events are likely to spawn additional fallout traffic.