DMI Policies

This is a list of the DMI policies. You are expected to follow these rules both in letter and in spirit. A failure to properly interpret the rules will not be a defense against their enforcement against you.

General User Behavior

In webpage messages, the chatroom, in captions, comments, cam overlays or other editable parts of the site, the following are prohibited:

  • Profanity, including replacing a single letter of the word to get by the filter, or use of any typically non-profane language in a profane way.
  • Unsolicited spamming of ANY website, email address, game account name, twitter name or any other social networking profile name through the message feature on the cam pages or in the chatroom. This is not a platform for free advertising. You may post family-friendly links to your website in your profile.
  • In-depth public discussions of graphic medical issues, or anything else that is intentionally gross or tasteless.
  • Requests,demands, or comments of a sexual nature.
  • Any sexual or suggestive solicitation toward children on the site.
  • Posting of any personal information. This includes phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc.
  • Trolling
  • Spamming junk text or gibberish, sentences posted one word at a time, words spelled with breaks between each letter, excessive and unnecessary repetition, excessively pointless and improper use of punctuation or capitalization, improper use of special characters or emojies, or unreasonably long messages.
  • Intentionally malicious comments.
  • The use of a public proxy server to access this site or any related features. This includes Tor, VPN services, or any other method to hide your identity. Although we respect your desire to remain private, most of the time those services are used for abuse and are therefore prohibited.
  • Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site, servers, or cams.
  • Any attempt to circumvent any imposed restrictions on access.
  • Threats of any nature.
  • Advocacy of drug abuse.
  • Comments or suggestions of a racist or sexist nature, or any other deragatory comment aimed at disparaging one's race, gender, culture, or religious beliefs.
  • Any act of promoting, or presenting active association with any organization, group, or website, the primary purpose of which is to promote, facilitate, or support illegal activity of a reprehensible nature, or which advocates and supports the harrassment of others, be it racial, sexual, or by some other means. Simply speaking, if you're going to announce your affiliation with a neo-nazi group, or nambla, or you promote a site that deals in child pornography, you're going to get banned.
  • Absuing the resources of the site, either by repeatedly reloading pages, or automating scripting of elements of this site.
  • Impersonating any other user on this site, or claiming to be an owner, admin, or moderator if you are not.
  • Social interaction through this site by an unsupervised child under the age of 13.
  • Any discussion, comments, or captions regarding criminal activity involving this site or the people on it
  • Any other action specifically intended to ruin the experience for others.

Cam Behavior

The following restrictions apply whenever you are using a cam on this site.

  • Keep your clothes on to a modest degree while your cam is public. If you are concerned about the nature of modesty that we are enforcing, inquire FIRST. If you simply MUST run around in your thong underwear, use the privacy mode on the cam.
  • Guys should keep their shirts on. While male shirtlessness will not be forbidden, those who have a tendancy to publically cam while bare chested may have their cams disabled automatically during certain events.
  • Try to keep the cam image relatively free of junk. A single caption line on the cam is acceptable, but filling the entire image with links, pictures, desktops, etc is overkill and distracting. While I will never forbid such cams, they will automatically be ranked lower than cams which have clean images.


The following restrictions apply to images posted on the site

  • Through your profile you're able to upload images to the site. Preferably these images should be of you. However, you must have the appropriate copyright authority to post them. This means either you're the owner of the copyright, or the copyright owner has specifically granted you permission. I will seriously handle all dmca inquiries.
  • Images must be acceptable for viewing by all audiences. No porn, no nudity, nothing excessively sugguestive. Nothing advocating the use of illegal drugs, obscene guestures, or profanity.
  • YOU are allowed to directly link to images you've uploaded from other sites, as long as the hit rate is reasonable. Posting a link on YOUR myspace page would be fine. Posting a link on a Fark photoshop... might want to ask me first. However, you are not allowed to link to the images uploaded by others. Those that do might find the images change from time to time....