» Instructions
This document details all the features that are available on this site. Of course, there are webcams. Select which cam you want to view by clicking the appropriate button on the Cam Links row of buttons.

Below the cam picture is a text box with an envelope icon and a clear button. Enter a message in this box and click on the envelope and that message will be sent to everyone important.

To the right of the cam picture is a table with various icons. These control and/or display the current status of various lamps and other appliances in and out of my house.

The cells with lightbulbs control and display the status of the lamps. The ON and OFF links turn the lamps on and off. If the words are greyed out and no link is available, that means you can view the status but not control it. The bulbs will update once every 30 seconds, or anytime you click on a link.

The Visitor Gallery link is a list of pictures and some personal information about the people that visit the site. Some of the pictures have links to additional pictures, so explore.

The Chat Room link will launch a java applet irc client which will connect to the irc server I have running on my system. If you have a regular irc client you would prefer to use (or if the applet doesn't work for you), you can use any irc client to connect to port 6667, and join channel #cam.

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