Object of the Day: Rolodex

I barely use it anymore, but I keep it around anyway. Its a simple collection of phone numbers. I barely use the phone anymore, the internet makes for much more convienent communication. But once upon a time, phones were more common to communicate with than computers. Thus the rolodex.

I can't recall exactly when I got the rolodex, although I know it predated my college years. Most likely I obtained it when I was around 14. About half my life ago. Its not full. I was never popular enough to fill it completely. I have other sentimental reasons for keeping it around too. Its my collection of first date artifacts. I try to keep some trinket from every first date, be it a ticket stub or something small, and I store that trinket in the rolodex next to the name of the person I went on the date with. The most unusual trinket is a note left for me by a date that ditched me. Fun night THAT was.


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