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Some Solutions

January 03, 2003 18:43

As an experiment, I moved the message feature to a less obvious place. I now get 10 messages a day, and most of those from people I already know. So either my plan has worked, and people read the site and can't come up with anything to ask about it, or they give up and leave before finding it. Either way, my problems have diminished. Still, there was a certain convienence to having an instant feedback feature, but its useless if it gets abused.

I've also been playing with some clipart. Got some ideas on how to convey where I live, what time it currently is, and a few other tidbits of info without having actual text, this way people will probably notice an outline of Texas where they'd never read about it before asking.

I'll be taking down the outdoor Xmas stuff tomorrow, although the indoor stuff will stay up year round. I've gotten an initial pass on the software rewrite done, now I have to add relaying and threading to it, in an effort to support more simultanious users. Then I'll start adding wait queues and locking.

I've been doing some preliminary design work on omnidirectional robots, a prelude to the quakebot and other projects. While the onboard computer, along with a high speed uplink is the primary cost involved in any of these projects, any effort to reduce the cost of those would be beneficial. Then I'll have to get involved in mapping and navigation algorithms. Fun stuff.

I'll start trolling ratshack tomorrow to see if I can pick up a decently priced rc car on clearance. If I find one that will work well, I'll buy it and hopefully have a working model going by the end of the weekend again. Then I just have to see if I can afford the transmitter.