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November 04, 2002 11:35

For the last couple days, the office cam has been dead, or on for only short periods of time. My primary workstation in the office decided to suddenly quit working. Either the motherboard or the CPU, but I can't replace either, so I can't test which is the problem. So I happen to have another MB+cpu of a different brand here that works, but is flaky. It works for a few hours then dies. So that's where I stand right now. Until I get a more permanant solution working, the office cam + live audio feed will be offline. However, all the other cams work fine. I'm currently pondering a more permanant non-windows based solution for the office cam and perhaps some of the other computers in the house to get away from windows entirely. I'm also considering setting up a mirror server here to take over or loadbalance when the primary server goes down or gets overloaded. It would be most helpful to have a dual setup in place.