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July 31, 2002 12:22

I removed the identd check from the web server. This results in a snappier response on the initial connection for most users. It's not really a useful feature anyway, as 99% of the visitors don't even have a valid identd server running, and it just slows things down.

I've made a few minor background changes to the site. I might be making more in the future. In addition, Erisynne has been kind enough to contribute a logo, so check out her website if you're interested in logos or other graphics development work. There's more info about her on the visitors page.

I will also be updating the instructions and faq pages with regards to the new layout and features. For a quick summary on the icons, the lightbulbs represent the current state of the lamps at the time. The motion sensors will light up red whenever they're tripped, and the computers show a windows or penguin (linux) icon whenever they're on (depending on the OS they're running), or the word "OFF" if they're not currently on. The names above them are the hostnames. Some of these computers will be provided with some degree of viewer control in the future, and I plan to add VNC support to a couple of the computers I don't do critical work on so you can view the desktop. No, I won't let you control it :)